G.O.C Francise Nigeria Limited is a constructive company, pioneered by Engr. G.O.C Francis Anthony from Nigeria; with exponential growth in constructions and buildings. Areas of operations (what they do) cover the following fields in Construction and Engineering.

  1. Building Engineering (Residential Houses, Educational Buildings, Commercial Houses, Religion Buildings, Renovations and Maintenance).
  2. Civil Engineering (Concrete Structure, Erosion Control, Surface/Underground Concrete Tank, Estate Roads, Concrete Tank Bases and Foundations). 
  3. General Engineering (Metal Works, Structural steel Works, Electrical power Installation and Maintenance, Mechanical Installation and Maintenance, Wood Works).

In each of the above areas competent people are engage in addition to our skilled supervisors to carry out the works and our clients are fully briefed on a regular and periodic basis of progress scheduled to meet general and specific needs of clients.